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Fr. Jose Rempillo - 1882
Fr. Andres Rifareal - Sept. 25, 1882
Fr. Juan Ravalo y Nepomuceno - Dec 19, 1884
Fr. Nemesio Ramin - Mar 10, 1892
Fr. Eutiquio Revatoris y Nepomuceno - Dec 19, 1894
Fr. Rosalio Restubog - 1895
Fr. Pablo Ribaya - 1896
Fr. Pedro Rentoria - 1896
Fr. Damian Ravago – 1897
Fr. Remigio Rey y Nepomuceno - 1901
Fr. Nicomedes Refe - 1902
Fr. Florencio Calinog - May 25 1907
Fr. Silvino Ravanera y Relayo - June 24 1911
Fr. Luis Aguilar y Rabuy - Mar 15 1913
Fr. Bartolome Ras y Relayo - Mar 25 1915
Fr. Bartolome Roa y Reburiano - Mar 25 1915
Fr. Luis Dimarumba y Aytona, STL - June 5 1916
Fr. Gorgonio Roslin y Ronatay - Mar 25 1918
Fr. Marcelo Angelo y Rances - Mar 25 1918
Fr. Casimiro Rabadam y Rances - Apr 15 1919
Msgr. Vidal Rempis y Rellama - 1920
Fr. Felix Ragos y Murillo - 1922
Fr. Germiniano Ranola y Ragodon - 1922
Fr. Leopoldo Ragos y Ras - 1923
Fr. Demetrio Martires y Reburiano - 1924
Fr. Rafael Rances y Zaragoza - Mar 21 1926
Fr. Artemio Ranola y Ragodon - Mar 26 1926
Fr. Emiterio Raquim y Reamon - Mar 26 1926
Fr. Celedonio Ricasio y Romero - Mar 26 1926
Msgr. Porfirio Ramin y Ravago, JCL, PA, VG, Caceres - 1930
Fr. Vicente Ramin - Mar 11 1933
Fr. Lucas de la Paz - Mar 17 1934
Fr. Jose Ravalo - Mar 16 1935
Fr. Antonio Relleve y Realunia - Apr 9 1938
Fr. Jose Rey Y Serrano, STL - Sep 24 1939
Msgr. Justiniano Romano y Rivera, MA - Mar 25 1939
Fr. Federico Thomas y Ranara - Mar 23 1940
Fr. Manuel Salvador Albuero y Rebueno - May 9 1943
Fr. Iluminado Ragos y Ras - Mar 19 1944
Fr. Jose Reburiano y Rebueno - Mar 19 1944
Msgr. Magencio Rey y De Vera - Mar 19 1944
Msgr. Abelardo Rebueno y Ranin, PhD,Ed.D - May 12 1946
Fr. Regulo Ranola y Romualdo - May 12 1946
Fr. Antonio Redillas y Herejon - May 12 1946
Fr. Jose Ras y Reverente - Apr 27 1947
Fr. Bernardino Ras y Reniva, AB, BSE - June 29 1947
Fr. Cristino Redoblado Reyeg - Apr 11 1948
Fr. Francisco Nepomuceno y Rodulfo - Apr 2 1949
Msgr. Benjamin Reblando y Ramoneas, VG Caceres - Apr 2 1949
Fr. Antonio Rey y Rances, JCD - Mar 21 1953
Fr. Francisco Rempis y Rivera, JCL - Apr 3 1954
Fr. Antonio Rabadam y Ragos, STL - Mar 26 1955
Msgr. Jeremias Rebanal y Ras, JCD,PhD - Mar 26 1955
Fr. Joventino Romano y Recuenco - Apr 2 1960
Fr. Berardo Regalario y Roa - Mar 18 1961
Msgr. Antonio Rebanal y Ras, MA - Mar 30 1963
Fr. Pedro Rebustillo y Rempis - June 11 1967
Fr. Felipe Nepomuceno y Buenavente, BSE - Apr 27 1969
Fr. Manuel Camu y Reblora - Apr 19 1970
Fr. Antonio Peralta y Rellon - Nov 28 1970
Fr. Gregorio Redoblado Jr. y Revereza, VG - June 16 1974
Fr. Cleofas Rabelas y Garcia - Oct 11 1975
Fr. Felino Paulino y Santos - Mar 26 1977
Fr. Ernesto Realuyo y Buenconsejo - Oct 28 1981
Fr. Jason Perillo - Mar 17 1986
Fr. Jose Colina - Mar 11 1989
Fr. Ireneo Ramoso y Rey - Mar 11 1989
Fr. Johnson Gumba - May 26 1990
Fr. Benedict Redito - Nov 30 1991
Fr. Joel Sarte - May 22 1993
Fr. Thomas David Ramoso y Rey - Jan 22 1994
Fr. Eduardo Ramin Jr. - Jun 3 1995
Fr. Mark Reburiano - 2005


Fr. Bernardino Ricafrente, OSA
Fr. Harold Rentoria, OSA
Fr. Ian Ragodon, OSA
Fr. Jerry Manlangit, OP
Fr. Joseph Raquid, OP
Fr. Stephen Redillas, OP
Fr. Jojie Padilla, OP
Fr. Paciano Ragas, MF
Fr. Vic Rayco, SVD
Fr. Noel Rebancos, SVD
Fr. Rolando Divinaflor y Radan, MOP - Mar 25 2006

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This festival commemorates the Patronal Feast of St. Michael the Archangel. Himoloan literally means pag-atang or tinagba (offering). Thus, it is the time of the year when the faithful honor their patron, St. Michael on the Feast of the Archangels by offering to him not only material goods but the talents that God bestowed upon all as well. Its highlight is the Himoloan street presentation and the Carrosa Contest wherein it is participated by the different barangay and is also open to other barangays of other nearby towns to gather and bring the carrosa/andas of their patron decorated with their produce as well as native materials found within their reach.


Pancho Nepomoceno - The first Oasnun Olympiad's Sprinter.

Jose "Joe" Reodique Relleve
- A small, but diligent, and smart person. A Singer, Declaimer, Orator. Who represented the region for the National Competition several times. He also became the Champion in Amateur Singing Contest entitled AGIANAN SA KABITUONAN which was held at the Heart of Bicolandia (Naga City) last August of 1958.

Ma. Bernardita Raquid "Diting" Rayala (Feb. 11, 1922 - Nov. 4, 2010) - A lover of poetry, music and published two books. She was a teacher at Grace Patterson Elementary School and Annie Pennycook Elementary School both located in Vallejo, California.

Atty Pompeyo Roa-Realuyo
- an International Tax Attorney who also handles high-profile pro-bono cases. He flew to Monaco to watch the sensational Safra trial on behalf of nurse Vivian Torrente’s family. Manta Company Intelligence-Legal Services Office(New York, USA ). He's also an attorney in New York, Atty. Realuyo has been licensed to practice law in New York since 1975.


Dr. Ramona Bustamante Rañeses - Grand Price Winner (THE WORLD SPEECH COMPETITION held in Indianapolis, Indiana USA.

Dr Eriberta Nepomoceno - a former Undersecretary for Special Concerns DOST, Philippines, 1999-2002 Regional Director DOST Regional Office No. V in Legaspi City and senior faculty member of Bicol University. She was a class Valedictorian of St. Michael Academy year 1970.


Mike Realba - Canadian Actor (Movies: Gangster Exchange 2009, Saw V (2008)... Detective Fisk... aka Décadence V (Canada: French title: dubbed version), Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium 2007, Saw IV 2007, The Path to 9/11 2006, The House 2006, Mayday 2005, Descent 2005, Soldier's Girl 2003). Mike went to high school with actors, Edgar Governo and Rachel Moody. He is the son of Pio Realba of Calzada Oas, Albay.


Miriam Redito Quiambao -  is a television personality, TV/Film Actress and a former beauty queen. She was the 1999 Miss Universe 1st Runner up and Clairol Herbal Essences Award. She's was a World Vision advocate, Advocate of various charitable organizations, Various hosting stints for corporate events, Various TV program appearances on GMA 7 and QTV 11 shows, Olay Total Effects, Mister Donut, Cream Silk, and Lactacyd TV advertisements, The Singing Bee; celebrity player 12/24/08, Winner, Best Travel Show Hosts (w/ Paolo Bediones) "Pinoy Meets World" - 21st PMPC Star Awards for TV 2007, Most Outstanding Bicolana Award, Ibalong 1999. The eldest daughter of Magdalena Redito of Iraya Sur Oas, Albay.



Vic Ronan - Director 2003-2004 (Alpha Phi Omega Alumni Association Northern California) Oasnon USA of Northern California President year 1994-1996.

Felicitas Sacayan
- 1990 Most Outstanding Farmer Of The Year. She's a native of Busac Oas, Albay.

Angelito R. Relleve
- PNSA-Bicol Regional Executive Council Officer 2004-2006, Philippine Nurse's Association Awardee year 2006.

Carlita Rex Doran
- Oasnon Inventor and Entrepreneur. Her innovative and inventive ideas include a solidified alcohol cooking fuel, herbal shampoos and cosmetics, soy sauce, banana vinegar, preventive maintenance chemicals and home care products, and an ampalaya concoction for HIV infections and diabetes mellitus.

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) conferred on her the Gold Medal in 1989. She has served as director of three associations and foundations of women scientists and inventors as well as of the Filipino Inventors Society. She has received as much as eighteen awards since 1982.

The latest is Philippines-Golden Achievers Award as Outstanding Inventor in 1997 in full recognition of exemplary achievement in her chosen career, having demonstrated sterling quality of leadership. Known as the "gugo queen", she won the Une Medaille d'Argent at the 25th Salon International des Inventions in Geneve in 1997 for her "Forest Magic" line of gugo-based herbal cosmetics and medicines, scientifically known as entada phaseoloides.

- Most Outstanding Women in the Philippines - Kababaihan Tulad Mo, Tagumpay na Walang Katulad Award last 1998.

Eden Redillas - Albay Provincial Manager of NATIONAL FOOD AUTHORITY. She was a Class Valedictorian of St. Michael Academy year 1966.

Councilor Arencio R. Rendor Jr.
- a Lawyer and the former Philippine Councilors League INTERIM PRESIDENT.

Engr. Reagan Monforte Ablao
-  He was the November 2006 Civil Engineer Licensure Examination Board Placer - Ranked 9th with an average score of 95.60%. Product of  Bicol University College of Engineering. He is from Badian Oas, Albay.

Hon. Noel Rosal
- Current City Mayor of Legazpi City.

Abdon M. Balde, Jr.
- He is a native of Busac, Oas, Albay. National Book Awards, 2003, 2004 & 2005 Juan C. Laya Prize for Best Novel, 2004 Juan C. Laya Prize for Best Book of Fiction, 2005 Gintong Aklat Award, 2005 Palanca Memorial Award for Literature, 2003 Rokyaw Ibalong Bikol Highest Achievement Award in Literature, 2003 Lifetime Achievement Award, Premio Arejola Foundation, 2007 Rector’s Recognition for Excellence, Achievement, Commitment & Humanitarian Service for Career Achievement, Aquinas University of Legazpi, 2007 Omaw sa Oragon (Tribute for Excellence), 2008.

Ma. Adelina Ranosa - Rex - Professor/Consultant (Business Communication), Ateneo de Manila University Graduate School of Business, Rockwell Center, Makati City

Yen Eva Reverente
- She was the1st Daragang Magayon Title Holder.

Chief Supt. Doris Remedios - Dorigo
- The first woman BJMP General, second person and first woman outside of the USA to earn the Certified Corrections Executive title in the history of American Correctional Association. She's from Ilaor Sur, Oas, Albay.

Exequiel Remolar Riñon Jr.,
aka-junriñon, is a C.P.A., Licensed Real Estate Broker, Insurance & Loan Broker, Banker and Certified Web Designer. Director for Service Projects-Rotary Club of Pasay-Macapagal-2008-2009, In-house sales manager-broker, Camella Homes and Communities.

Julito R. Regalario,
- founder/manager of then famous We and Pee Wee Band. Composed several musical masterpieces including "Kaming Taga-Oas".

Mae Rivera
- a famous singer in the country (ARAYYY, Ayoko Nang Maalala Pa, Bakit Ako Mahihiya, I Can't Be With You Tonight, Inano Ni Kwan, Kay Sarap, Mahal Kang Totoo, Malas Lang, Paalam, Sexy, Swak Na Swak). She's a native of Balogo Oas, Albay.

Renato "ATO" Morano
- former famous basketball player in the country (Coca-Cola, Welcoat, Pampanga Dragons).

Dr. Jose "Sonny" Rañola, - The acknowledged father of  Naga City Hospital, having authored the ordinance that created it. He chairs the Naga City Health Board and has largely been responsible for a number of legislative measures that have benefited the poor, including the Socialized Medical Care Assistance for the Poor (SOMECAP). He also spearheads medical mission.

He is a four termed City Councilor of Naga City where he also became the top-notch councilor for two terms and a Medical Director of the St. John Hospital. Founder of "Salamat Po, Doctor" program.

The Unibesidad de Sta. Isabel-Mother Seton Hospital awarded him with a plaque of recognition as one of its original resident doctors while St. John Hospital President and Chairman of the Board Dr. Jose Pierre Panday honored him with the Lifetime Achievement Award.


Dr. Adan Eva
- Director of Bicol Medical Center in Naga City.

Prof Jose R. Ronan
- Director for Non-Traditional Studies, Polytechnic University of the Philippines

Orlando R. Garcia
- Director Region IV, Philippine Dept of Budget and Management

Prof Antonio Regalario
- music, University of the Philippines

Atty. Salvador Ranin
- Director Region VIII, Philippine National Bureau of Investigation

Hon. Agnes Paciencia Perez Dycoco
- Municipal Mayor of Libon, Albay

Catalina Plandor Orendain
- Director Region V, Philippine Dept. of Budget & Management

Dr. Benjamin R. Roa Sr.
- a former President of Philippine Hospital Association from 1976-1977 and 1980-1982 and also the Medical Director of the Virgen Milagrosa Hospital in Bulacan.


Dr. Manuel R. Rebueno - finest Municipal Doctor of Oas, he was killed in an ambush by NPA rebels when he ran for Mayor. A hospital was named in honor of him.

Paolo Reblando & Kevin Relleve - two of the four representatives of Bicol Regional Science High School who bags 1st place in the 1st National Science-Mathematics Summit for Regional Science High Schools at Cecille's Pension House, Zamboanga City Last February 9-14, 2009. Paolo Reblando is a native of Talongog Oas, while Kevin Relleve is a native of Iraya Norte Oas, Albay.

David Sonorio Renolayan - He was the 2nd placer of April 2008 Chemical Engineer Licensure Examination with an average score of 80.30%. He is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering at the University of the Philippines Los Baños. David is the class Valedictorian of Bicol Regional Science High School year 2002 in Ligao City. He is from Talongog Oas, Albay.

Resaldo R. Reario - One of the best minds in the export industry worldwide, financier, and the only son of the longest raining municipal treasurer of Oas, in government service for 35 years.

Bonifacio G. Reonal - Businessman, Engineer, Realtor and Civic Leader,-Licensed Mechanical and Marine Engineer-Philippines Regulations Commission, Director-Mandaluyong Chamber of Commerce, Inc., 2000-2003, Licensed Realtor and Notary in State of California, active fund raiser and civic leader in Oas.

Patrick Jolas Casimiro Guerrero - A former basketball varsity player of Far Eartern University (FEU Tamaraws) in Manila. He is from Bagumbayan Oas, Albay.

Engr. Jose Buenagua Jr.
- He was the Provincial Engineer of Albay from 1986-1991. He retired and now lives in Scottsdale Arizona, USA.

Eduardo Rañosa - Renowned and well respected Journalist who worked in both Radio and Television. Was the TV News Director and Producer of Channel 13 for over a decade. Travelled the world covering news events involving numerous Philippine politicians and also the Gulf War. Prior to his retirement years, he worked as the Managing Editor of a Filipino-American newspaper in Los Angeles, California USA.

Danton R. Remoto -  is a  writer, essayist, reporter, editor, columnist, and professor. He was a first prize recipient at the ASEAN Letter-Writing Contest for Young People. He is also the Chairman Emeritus of ANG LADLAD, a lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) political party in the Philippines.

Jasper Lemuel Velarde - The 1st Oasnun who bags the Ginoo ng Magayon 2012. He is from Mayao Oas, Albay.

Chad Kevin Casimiro - Another Oasnun who bags the title of Ginoo ng Magayon Turismo 2012 together with Jasper. He is from Balogo Oas, Albay.

Engr. Don R. Orido -  He is the National President of Philippine Society of Construction Safety Practitioners. A winner of  DOLE Secretary's Award for Individual Category for 5th Gawad Kaligtasan at Kalusugan. Engr Orido is a native a Rizal Oas, Albay.

Barbara " BAMBI" Barquez Ricafrente- a brilliant artist, writes and paint with passion and rage, known for her "Monologues and other Poetry", "Ageless in the Shadow of Mayon", "Merced" and other literary works, active Writing Fellows since 1999. A Political Researcher/Analyst at Embassy of Japan and an active UP-Ibalon member. She graduates as School Valedictorian during Elementary Grade at Oas North Central School year 1975 and Saint Michael Academy in her High School year 1979.


Fr. Jerry Manlangit - Born in Oas, Albay on March 28, 1955 and was ordained as a priest on April 3, 1982. He took up the degrees of AB Philo., STB, MHA; PhD. HRM, Dipl. in Bioethics, Dipl. in Health Care Management. A Conventual Councilor of Dominican Province of the Philippines and the Rector-University of Santo Tomas Hospital.


Bino A. Realuyo - a US-based multi-awarded poet and novelist, awards include 1999 Pushcart Prize nomination, 1998 National Poetry Finalist status, and a Lucille Medwick Memorial Award from the Poetry Society of America. Son of the late Augusto Roa-Realuyo, a survivor of the Death March during the World War II.


Dr Benito R. Reverente, MD. - the founding president of Philippine Occupational and Industrial Medical Association (POIMA) and in 1989 the named of the association was changed to Philippine College of Occupational Medicine (PCOM).